Download Manuganu 2 v1.0.7

Download Manuganu 2


*** “Now featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great with full controller support on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet, and Android TV.” ***
Manuganu is back with lots of action and brand new features for new adventures. Help him in his quest to rescue his best friend.
Manuganu-2 is a 3D side- scroller running game, in which you control the boy “Manuganu”.
40 unequally designed levels. Beat 4 Epic Bosses and complete the saga. Collect all the items to win extra awards. Follow alternative paths to collect the three stars and gain “Google Play” achievements.
To run away from enemies and dodge the obstacles use the halt feature. In Manuganu timing is everything.
In this release, Manuganu, has fly and swim features, which can easily be controlled with a single touch and it will be more challenging than ever with the improved climb feature.
Completely 3D character and environment design. Environments prepared with different colors and lights will get you into the game.
Game Features
•Platforming actions: Run, jump, roll, fly and swim
•Original soundtrack by Burak Karakaş
•Game available in: English, French, German, Italian,Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish
Manuganu 2

Download Pixelmon GO Mod v1.9.37

Download Pixelmon GO Mod


When you first begin a new world after installing Pixelmon PE mod, you’ll be hit with a prompt asking you which Pokemon you want to choose as your starter. Following this, you’ll get a few Pokeballs and other items to get you started, and then you’re pretty much on your own. This is all just basic gear though. Specialty Pokeballs require acorns to craft, and since there are no Pokemon centers, you’ll need to craft your own Pokemon Center block to heal your carried Pokemon when you tap it. Overall, this beta is coming around very well and should be finished and fully functional soon.
Pixelmon mod is the perfect mod for Minecraft if players really want to change their gameplay experience. This is no resource pack offering PE Pixelmon Go Mod
Pixelmon is one of the most popular mods for Minecraft today because it mixes the world of Pokemon with the world of Minecraft, and the two just so happen to go really well together. But until now, there was no version of Pixelmon for the Pocket Edition of the game. Now the Pixelmon PE mod finally brings similar fun and function to Pocket Edition, so players using tablets and phones to play the game can catch Pokemon, get into Pokemon battles with other players and try to become a Pokemon master. The mod is currently in beta, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
We’ve been very busy working on a range of things:
A bunch of new models and some new pokemon are being added to the mod. We seem to have a decent workflow going now with our modelling -> animation process. Hopefully we’ll be able to increase the speed at which we add models and new pokemon into the mod. There may even be some legendaries coming very soon. As always though we’d love more help with the animating side of things so let us know if you want to give it a go!
Gyms are making good progress. Some new systems have been built to handle the requirements of adding gyms to the mod. They can’t fit inside the usual town generation code so I’ve built a system for generating buildings beside towns. Somebody and I also have been working on getting a way of specifying far more information about trainers that will appear in the gyms. Here’s an example json that we’ve been implementing
From that you should be able to see what we’re aiming for.
Berries are in progress too, hopefully we’ll have some more on that soon
And finally we’ve been fixing heaps of bugs. We see every bug that is reported and do our best to fix them all so please keep the bug reports coming. We can only fix what we know about!
Also, here’s a video showing development progress in the TCG side-mod
Pixelmon GO  Mod

Download EZ Disabler_ v2.4.1

Download EZ Disabler_


EZ Disabler
is the best and safest app to disable any packages on your Samsung with no root required. It means all the unwanted applications that come pre-installed on your phone can now be marked unavailable from running and updating.
Usages :
– Disable pre-installed bloatware
– Improve battery life and phone performance
– View cardboard apps on Gear VR headset *
– Disable tracking app to keep your personal or corporate info stay secure
– Hide apps
– And many others…
* To view cardboard app on Gear VR headset, disable the package “Gear VR Service”. Re-enable it when you want to use the default Gear VR app again.
Why choose EZ Disabler :
– We have excellent track record of working on Android with 10 millions of users worldwide. Our apps have been featured on Google Play Homepage and many popular tech sites.
– EZ Disabler is the ONLY app that provides descriptions for every pre-installed packages, so you can quickly decide whether or not to disable a suspect application.
– EZ Disabler is the most feature-rich and most up-to-date package disabler app that is nice and easy-to-use.
Main features :
– Disable/enable any package
– Show descriptions of system packages
– Warn before a critical package is disabled
– See how packages are consuming RAM in background
– Highly customised widgets
– Automate disabling/enabling tasks
– Support Tasker/Locale/MacroDroid
Other useful features :
– Show lists of only disabled/enabled or running packages
– Searching, grouping and pinning favourite packages to top
– Save/load package lists to/from xml files
– Setup app lock to prevent unauthorised access
– Uninstall, clear data, stop and launch any packages
– And many others…

Please enable all packages, even apps that you consider bloatware before a system update.
– The easy way to uninstall this debloat software is to open the app, tap on the hamburger button at the top left corner and tap on “Uninstall this app”.
– If you still have problems with uninstalling, try deactivate admin access of this package disabler by going to “SETTINGS” -> “SECURITY” -> DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR -> Disable admin access for “EZ Disabler”.
EZ Disabler is a powerful app that lets you modify the critical part of Android system. Therefore, you should be careful before disabling any package as it might lead to device malfunction. You should backup your data and only disable packages which are sure will not cause any trouble to the system. Although we did our best effort to help you minimise the risk, we hold no responsibility for any damage you may cause.
If you have any questions, feedback or you can help to translate this package disabler app into your language, please send an email to “”.
To request a refund, simply send your order number to the same email above.
For business enquiry regarding this package disabler app, please visit our website for more information.
EZ Disabler_




Earth. Near future.
Knowledge has improved our way of life and our understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, we are not wiser. Even with our superior technology, we were unable to stop a nuclear war for the resources of our dying planet. Battle, war, assaults… the last hope for the civilization lies in the new modern combat commandos trained to fight in the frontline, men and women trained to restore peace and justice in the planet, acting as judges and executioners. You have been appointed as Commander of Nova Nation, the main core of civilization. Will you be up to the challenge and hear the call of duty?
“When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you” – Nietzsche
“Lupus est homo homini” – Plauto
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation is a first person shooter where you will impersonate a sniper assassin, a contract killer and leader whose only mission is avoiding the D-Day for our planet. Fight the Rebels in a modern combat one on one sniper and rifle war, assaulting each other in the frontline of the agonizing planet.
This first person shooter exemplifies what a good modern combat game should always have, like different sniper and rifle weapons, nice shoot control and awesome story. This is the best shooter game you will ever play. Train as a contract killer assassin for the glory of humanity and feel the call of duty in this awesome sniper game.
– Feel the pressure of a sniper or soldier alone facing the enemy in the frontline
- Endless waves of AI controlled enemies
- Different weapons, customizable and upgradeable
- Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than 70 carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!
- Easy to learn, hard to master
- A modern combat game you will remember.