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Download Greenify.Donate. 3.6

Download Greenify.Donate.


This is just a donation package which activates
some experimental features
in the Greenify app. These features can be enabled in settings of Greenify.
=== Disclaimer ===
Some of these experimental features are still in early stage. They may not work on all devices & ROMs. They are included only for advanced users with sufficient knowledge about what they really mean and how to correctly use them. These features may cause malfunction or crash in apps. In rarely extreme case, you might need to factory reset your device to recover. I will try my best to avoid those situations, but take no responsibility for the possible consequences.
It is safe to purchase and install, since nothing is affected until any of the experimental features is enabled explicitly.
=== Experimental Features ===
◆ Allow (most) system apps to be greenified in Greenify
Beware, most system apps are critical to the basic functionality of your device, once greenified, you may lose some part of usability
. If something bad happens, degreenify the system apps you recently greenified and reboot, or deactivate this experimental features of Greenify and reboot.
◆ Boost mode (requires Xposed)
Android framework is patched to allow Greenify to perform hibernation and other operations without the slow root routine. Besides, Boost mode also improves compatibility of many features in Greenify.
◆ Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps (requires Xposed)
Google service framework is patched to allow the GCM (Google Cloud Message, a.k.a. C2DM) broadcast to wake the hibernated apps, thus you can greenify some apps without losing the ability to receive push message.
Attention: Not all apps use GCM as push mechanism, some apps create their own connection for push in background service, thus can’t benefit from this patch and their push messages can never survive hibernation. Please DO NOT ask for that, it’s just a “mission impossible” in practice. Instead,
ask their developer to adopt the more RAM-and-battery-friendly GCM push.
◆ Reveal hidden sync tasks (requires Xposed)
Some apps may contain hidden sync tasks which runs periodically, but cannot be disabled by user in system Settings – Account – Sync. This feature reveals those hidden sync tasks and let you to disable them.
=== Xposed Installation ===
1. Download and install Xposed installer:
2. Install the “Framework” in the “Xposed Installer” and activate “Greenify” in “Modules”.
3. Reboot
=== Why do I need to install another framework for some features to work? ===
Since these experimental features all need OS level patches, traditionally they can only be applied with ROM modding, which is highly device-specific and ROM-exclusive. Xposed framework is a new hope to do finer grained tiny patches in a ROM-independent way. Thanks to Xposed framework, you can enjoy these experimental features of Greenify without replacing your ROM.
=== Feedback and further discussion ===
Visit the community: or XDA forum:

Download Construction Simulator 2 Lite__ANROED.COM 1.10

Download Construction Simulator 2 Lite__ANROED.COM


This war calls you to head towards battlefield outpost set in a wrecked city, burning into the flames fueled by enemy’s patrolling tanks. Invading inch by inch with deadly arsenal, they are about to storm the base outpost and would be able to burn the city into flames if any battle resistance won’t come in forth. Unfortunately, almost all WW2 army arsenal resources are exhausted in building defense of the outskirt of the city.
Yet the army has one trick up their sleeve to capture the base and save the city from esteemed flames and further wreckage, an arsenal of highly advanced battle gunner. Operate lethal iron machines of your choice and storm attack onto the enemy machines. The war has begun and you are the only hope for survival, polish your combat skills to battle with turret gunner, capture the base and win this wrecked war.
Howdy Commander! The iron tank riders are cruising the city borders, it’s time to show them who is the boss of WW2. Grin your tank simulator skills and get ready to crush and conquer the battlefield.
During the WW2 the city’s defense systems are burst into flames by the deadly and lethal bomb strikes from the rebellion gangster forces. Air and ground naval forces are halted. Until the defense systems are rebooted, you are the lone commander of frontline command army battalion, its time to outpost the battle with counter attack resistance and storm into the tank riders.
Choose from a wide variety of gunner machines and missiles, operating high precision weapons and attachments. You will be equipped with state of the art assaulting turret, a highly efficient navigation and tracking radar and a first person view controller with zoom feature.
It’s a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture all the beacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combat strength, speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from battle!
Fight through numerous levels of WW2 game, eliminating light and heavy gunner tanks as you head on to face even more difficult enemies ahead. Keep an eye out for the enemy soldiers attacking command line, as they are equipped with damaging rocket launchers as well.
The efficient radar system and first person controller will prove to be a decisive resistance factor in tough and varying weather conditions against these enemy base. Load your panzer tank with heavy arsenal and outpost counter attack resistance on the enemy to put an end to the chaos.
Build resistance with these tanks to gain advantage on your enemies and put an end to endless war of terror. Counter attack on the patrolling rebellion forces and burn their weaponry into flames to save the wrecked pieces.
– TR85 M1 (powered with long range missions and shootout)
– FV4034 Challenger 2
– World war 2 themed gameplay with gunner storm and weaponry base.
– Smooth navigational controller with screen swiping to rotate turret independently
– Multiple tank simulator and hellfire battle missions
– Switch controls between First Person & Third Person Shooting
– Show off your army game skills with panzer missiles and hellfire
– Realistic WW2 panzer controls with gear system, turret rotation and radar tagging system
– Seamlessly distant targeting of cannon bombs and long range missiles with multiple arsenal
– Challenging levels with varying turret environments and weather conditions
Construction Simulator 2 Lite__ANROED.COM

Download Stickman Legacy of Neon Warriors__ANROED.COM 1.02

Download Stickman Legacy of Neon Warriors__ANROED.COM


The stickman cyber war has arrived due to it being the future. You must regain your ancient stick legacy and become the stickman cyberking warrior by winning every battle, and eventually the stick cyber war.
The cyber battlefield of the stick future awaits!
Stickman Legacy of Neon Warriors__ANROED.COM

Download ch.gridvision.ppam.androidautomagic 4308

Download ch.gridvision.ppam.androidautomagic


Automagic Premium allows you, to automate your Android device with flowcharts.
Free evaluation version:
Automagic Premium helps to automate many operations, for example:
-change settings depending on location
-send every SMS as a mail to GMail
-automatically reply to an incoming SMS
-turn off Wifi when the battery is almost empty
-turn off Wifi when you leave your home, turn Wifi on when you arrive at home
-turn on the airplane mode in the evening and turn it off in the morning (Android 4.2+ requires root)
-make weekly backups of files
and much more…
Follow us on Twitter:
Visit our website and forum for more information:
Please don’t report bugs to the Google Play Store comments, since we can not get in contact with you to fix the problem.
-flows can be defined graphically like a flowchart
-live view of executing flows
-flows can be exchanged with other users by mail and forum
-triggers/conditions/actions can be reused in different flows
-complex flows with parallel actions and loops are possible
Available Triggers:
-App Task Ended
-App Task Started
-Auto Sync State
-Battery Level
-Battery Low Condition
-Bluetooth Device Connected/Disconnected
-Car UI Mode
-Desk UI Mode
-Device Orientation
-Display State
-Global Variable
-Google Calendar Event
-Incoming Call
-NFC Tag
-Outgoing Call
-Periodic Location Update
-Periodic Timer
-Power Connected
-SMS Receive
-WiFi Connected/Disconnected
-Wired Headset Plugged
-… more on
Available Conditions:
-Airplane Mode On
-Auto Sync Enabled
-Battery Level
-Bluetooth Enabled
-Call State
-Debug Dialog
-Device Orientation
-Dock State
-Google Calendar Event
-Location Entering
-Location Provider Enabled
-Music Active
-Night Mode
-Power Connected
-Screen On
-Time Range
-UI Mode
-WiFi Available
-… more on
Available Actions:
-Copy File
-Copy Text to Clipboard
-Download URL
-Dropbox Upload File
-Enable WiFi Access Point
-Execute Command
-Execute Flows
-FTP Upload File
-HTTP Request
-Init Variable Random Number
-Input Dialog
-Kill App
-Launch App
-Lock Device
-Mail with Gmail
-Notification on Statusbar
-Open URL in Browser
-Send SMS
-Set Audio Stream Volume
-Set Auto Sync State
-Set Bluetooth State
-Set Car UI Mode
-Set Flow State
-Set Night Mode
-Set Screen Brightness
-Set Screen Timeout
-Set Wallpaper
-Set WiFi State
-Speech Output
-Turn Screen On
-WiFi Scan
-Write to File
-… more on
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
The Device Administrator permission is required by following actions:
-Lock Device
-Set Disabled Keyguard Features
-Set Lock PIN/Password
and triggers:
-Login Attempt
This app uses Accessibility services.
Enabling the Automagic accessibility service enables following features in Automagic:
– Notifies Automagic about displayed content on the screen: This allows Automagic for example to read the labels and texts displayed in other apps out loud or to detect when a certain window is showing. This feature can be used by disabled users to hear what’s displayed on screen.
– Control the user interface displayed on screen: This allows Automagic for example to click a button displayed on the screen or to enter text in a text field on behalf of the user. This feature can be used by disabled users to control apps by spoken text or to automate complex processes with single taps and by performing gestures like swipe and pinch.
Automagic requires Android 4+ starting with version 1.31. Automagic is not enhanced and maintained for devices running older versions of Android.