Download Case Clicker 2 Upgrader Update! 2.1.4

Download Case Clicker 2 Upgrader Update!



Case Clicker 2 is the combination of the counter strike case simulator and a clicker.
It has everything that you need – gambling games, case opening, stickers, skins, souvenirs, online features like trading and more!
Click, buy keys and open cases! Be the best!
Main features?
► Over 300 upgrades
► Over 800 obtainable skins!
► Over 1000 obtainable stickers!
► Trading system – trade with other players!
► Match betting system – bet on your favourite teams!
► Name Tags – name your own skin!
► Adding stickers to the skins!
► Skins upgrader – upgrade your skins to make them more worthy!
Gambling minigames? Sure!
♣ Roulette
♣ Crash
♣ Scratches – try your luck!
♣ Minesweeper
♣ Coinflip
♣ Jackpots
♣ Offline & Online Jackpots!
What also can be found?
► Arm deal contracts, just like in real Counter Strike!
► Hundreds of achievement and upgrades!
► Rank and private rank system, from silver to global elite!
► Mission system
► Souvenir system – collect souvenir items!
► Capsules with stickers
► Ability to sell skins for real market prices!
And much more! Download the game and try yourself!
Case Clicker 2 Upgrader Update!

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