Download the advantages of choosing apdf 1878.

Download the advantages of choosing apdf


Specialist Mid term reporting software developed by a team of experienced rental agents and investment landlords to enable property managers to proficiently and efficiently manage rental properties.
Regular inspections allow you to spot any issues before they become serious and help to ward off any potential disputes
The clear and professional reports are a tangible way for agents to show existing and prospective clients the high level of customer service provided.
The software is set out in a checklist format and allows the user to choose what they monitor and report. Maintenance issues and general comments are conveniently copied into a summary action sheet for office use.
● Simply log in and get reporting – no online booking required first
● User chooses how much detail to record
● Date and time stamped photos embedded in the PDF report
● Preview and edit reports on device
Straightforward monthly plans with unlimited reports and no fixed contract. If you cannot measure the benefits after the first month then we will happily give you your money back
If you also do inventory and check out reports then take a look at our Keystone Pro App.
the advantages of choosing apdf

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