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Download Xmovies docx 8.

Download Xmovies docx


Streaming Audio Player to discover, listen, share and display audio files.
Audio Player with Online Streaming
The App has Four modules to discover, listen, share and display audio files:
• XML Feed Insert XML feed and songs are automatically shown in App front end
• Audio streaming file/station/podcast Add the URL of your favorite Radio station, PodCast or Audio Source
• Audio files added by admin Pre added audio files with category wise sorting
• Play audio from your local memory/sdcard Browse all music files from your phone by Artist / Album / Genre / Music
You can also taken WordPress XML feed as default Facility to set music as a ringtone, notification, alarm Share Audio files using social sites and bluetooth Audio Player can play all types of Audio files like MP3, AMR, AAC, PCM WAV, OGG, MP4a, 3GP etc
Download and start rocking today.
Xmovies docx