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Download BD Injector rar v2.2.

Download BD Injector rar


Unless you know how to hack, you can not defend yourself from hackers. This application provides advanced Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking tutorials and tools on Computer Security, Network Security, Internet Security Program. We guide users to get into the Pen-testing and Ethical Hacking World. We will keep updating new tutorials and tools on regular basis.
Automated MySQL Injection from Android
Backdoor with Set And Metasploit
Remote Administration Tool for Android
Staying Anonymous
Web Hacking
Attacking MySQL With Metasploit
Remote Password Stealer
Steganography Tutorial
Email Tracking & Report
Cryptography Tutorial
Automate SQL Injections
Break into system
Sniffing network traffic
Man in the middle Attacks
SQL Injections
Human Hacking
Web Shells
Cookie stealer
Deface Website
XSS Attacks
Shell Writing using SQL
URL based SQL Injections
DNS Spoofing Network
Cracking Progams
Password Cracking
Wirless Network Cracking
Metasploit Attacks
Remove android lock screen pin
Vulnerability scanning
Know which friend visits your facebook profile most
Security and Hacking Tools (over 1000+ popular tools)
Android Forensic Recovery
Get thousands of Fb/Twitter/instagram/utube followers
Ports Registry & Hacker Ports
Word Lists for Password cracking
Scanning with Nmap -Advanced
DDOS (Windows tool)
How to DDOS
Recover iPhone Contacts, SMS, Photos, Videos & More
Top Penetration Testing Linux Distributions
Extract Metadata from Image
Sniffing on VoIP Network
And Much More!
Some of you might think the price is too high for this app, but $10 is nothing compared to the knowledge you will acquire from it.
********By Installing this application you agree the following Terms and conditions. Any proceedings and or activities related to the material contained within this Application are exclusively your liability. The misuse and mistreat of the information in this Application can consequence in unlawful charges brought against the persons in question. The authors, developers and review analyzers will not be held responsible in the event any unlawful charges brought against any individuals by misusing the information in this application to break the law. This application contains material and resources that can be potentially destructive or dangerous. If you do not fully comprehend something on this application, don‘t use this application. Please refer to the laws and acts of your state/region/ province/zone/territory or country before accessing, using, or in any other way utilizing these resources. These materials and resources are for educational and research purposes only. Do not attempt to violate the law with anything enclosed here within. If this is your intention, then leave now. Neither developer of this application, review analyzers, the publisher, nor anyone else affiliated in any way, is going to admit any responsibility for your proceedings, actions or trials. This application is completely related to Ethical hacking and Information Security. The application is meant only for educational purposes any misuse of the contents of this application, The developer or the authors of this application and articals will not be held responsible for your actions.********
BD Injector rar